The international DJ answered fan questions on Instagram about having a daughter.

De La Rosa expressed her surprise at how her daughter's birth has softened her.

Since having a child, the famous DJ is moved to tears by anything she sees or hears, but she feels blessed.

The 32-year-old shared a retweet of an article that spoke to her one-month-desires. old's

Nick Cannon, the father of twelve, shared the news of the birth of his daughter with Abby in an Instagram post.

Cannon thanked the pretty short-haired woman for her strength during childbirth.

"Masked singer" host promised mom of three he would always protect her and the babies.

She posted cute pictures of her baby girl and her family to mark the first month of her daughter's life.

Rosa's mother was seen holding the child and her 'tias' were seen leaning in for a closer look.