Production has reportedly begun on the ninth season of "Southern Charm".

The news was shared on Instagram by the Queens of Bravo on January 5.

Fans of the show weighed in with their thoughts on the new season, including their preferences for and against certain cast members.

A cast lineup has not yet been announced, but it seems likely that Craig, Austen, Shep, and Patricia Altschul will return.

Taylor, Leva Bonaparte, Venita Aspen, and Madison LeCroy should all return for season nine.

Madison is newly married to a man who has previously been against the idea of filming a reality show.

Olivia expressed her desire to return for the new season, and Naomie and Leva hope for a "more cohesive" group in season nine.

Naomie and Leva's spinoff show, "Southern Hospitality," premiered at the end of last year.

Taylor lashed out at Shep and Naomie discussed an unexpected hookup with Whitney Sudler-Smith.