Prince Harry's memoir is candid about mother Diana.

In "Spare," Prince Harry wrote about losing Princess Diana and losing trust in the royal family.

In the book, Prince Harry talked about fighting with his brother, taking psychedelic drugs, and his love affairs.

In her absence, Diana played a significant role in Harry's memoir.

Prince William hired a driver to take him through the Paris tunnel where his mother died in 1997.

His attempt to end "a decade of never-ending pain" only made him sadder.

Diana's death also seemed to put Harry and his father, King Charles, on different sides.

Harry said that when he heard that Princess Diana had died, his father didn't even give him a hug.

He also described the "traumatic walk" behind her coffin as people tried to comfort him and how he couldn't cry in public.

"Perhaps she will appear this morning," he thought, while dreaming about his mother returning.

On January 10, the Duke of Sussex will publish his memoir, "Spare."

In 2023, Prince Harry will have a net worth of about $60 million.