Prince Harry discussed his memoir Spare and the Royal Family rift on 60 Minutes.

Harry admitted he struggled to grieve for Princess Diana and sought therapy and psychedelics.

Harry also spoke about Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he called "dangerous" and willing to harm him and his brother to improve her image.

Harry said Meghan Markle's race was a factor in how the press treated her.

Harry tried to address his concerns privately with the Royal Family but was met with leaks & planted stories against him and Meghan.

Harry accused Buckingham Palace of "spoon-feeding" information to a correspondent and manipulating the narrative through the press.

Harry said the Royal Family didn't protect him and Meghan and told them not to speak out about their issues.

Harry claimed that his father, Prince Charles, stopped taking his calls and that the Royal Family cut him off financially.

Harry said he and Meghan had to move to North America to protect their mental and physical health.