Kelly Dodd accused Tamra Judge of threatening to file a lawsuit against her.

Kelly also referred to Tamra's husband as gay and made derogatory comments about Tamra's alleged surgery.

Kelly called Teddi Mellencamp a "clout chaser" and criticized her recent interview with Brandi Glanville.

Kelly claimed that she did not listen to the Teddi and Brandi podcast because she did not want to "lose brain cells."

Kelly shared a rumor about the reason for Tamra's alleged surgery.

Kelly challenged Tamra to come after her with legal action over Kelly's comments about Tamra's ownership of a CBD company.

Rick Leventhal, Kelly's husband, stated that they were simply citing public documents.

Kelly accused Brandi of lying about the cancellation of a scheduled podcast interview and shared a receipt as proof.

Kelly called Brandi a "dumb b**ch" and made derogatory comments about her behavior and motherhood.