Jeff Lewis and Bethenny Frankel had a confrontation on Watch What Happens Live, over her Real Housewives recap podcast ReWives.

Jeff told E! News on January 12 that Bethenny was "very unhappy with me" after WWHL.

Bethenny replied that she left the Real Housewives of New York City on her own, unlike Jeff.

Jeff explained that he and Bethenny spoke after the show and cleared up any misunderstandings.

Jeff and Bethenny's relationship is currently good and they have talked since the incident.

Bethenny turned down an invite to co-host an upcoming episode of his podcast Jeff Lewis Has Issues.

Jeff jokingly stated that he would be an excellent housewife and would like to join the Salt Lake City franchise of Real Housewives.

Jeff Lewis Live airs Mondays through Fridays at noon on SiriusXM, and his Jeff Lewis Has Issues podcast airs twice a week.

Jeff Lewis and Bethenny Frankel argued on Watch What Happens Live over her Real Housewives recap podcast ReWives but later made up.