Lizzo has expressed her desire to collaborate with Adele on music in the future.

Lizzo would play the flute for Adele and turns to her for advice, even though she thinks Adele's rise to fame was easier due to the different cultural climate.

Adele reached out to Lizzo to offer support and praised Lizzo's documentary.

Lizzo called out body shamers on Instagram and said artists shouldn't be held to beauty standards.

Lizzo wishes that comments cost money and criticized the amount of time people waste on judging others.

Lizzo emphasized that artists are not here to fit into beauty standards, but rather to create art, and that she will do whatever she wants with her body.

Lizzo has faced comments about her weight and appearance, ranging from compliments on her being "thick" to criticism for losing weight or getting plastic surgery.

Lizzo called out the "delusion" of these comments and the lack of consistency in what is considered acceptable.

Lizzo argued that artists should be free to do whatever they want with their bodies without judgment.