Hailey Bieber wore a white crop top with the words "nepo baby" written on it during an outing.

Gwyneth Paltrow saw the shirt and expressed interest in it in the comments section of an Instagram post.

The term "nepo" stands for nepotism, which refers to advantages given to relatives or friends in a field or occupation.

Hailey and Gwyneth both come from famous families and may be able to relate to the concept of nepotism.

New York Magazine's cover story on Hollywood nepotism featured celebrity children on baby bodies.

The article sparked a debate about whether or not nepotism is a good or bad thing in the entertainment industry.

Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, called it "demeaning and hurtful."

Curtis has worked hard throughout her 44-year career, bringing professionalism, integrity, and love.

She also mentioned that there are many other people in the industry who come from famous families and are dedicated to their craft.