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The Flour

Nice to meet you...

The Flour


Our Flour is a blend of five different Whole Flours:

1.  Whole Wheat flour

2.  Whole Oat flour

3.  Whole Senatore Capelli (an ancient Italian flour)

4.  Whole Spelt flour

5.  Whole Flax flour

The healthy mix is supported by the Italian University of Gastronomic Sciences and by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, the most important Anticancer Italian Association.

While modern production techniques for refining flour deprive it of fibers, which are important for reducing glycemic impact, and cause the loss of many of the grain's nutrients, wholemeal flour facilitates digestibility and is considered synonymous with good health and wellness.

But our flour is not simply wholemeal, it’s produced with an exclusive natural patented method, that eliminates the woody part of the wheat bran (which causes discomfort and swelling), maximizes the availability of active fibers (which are the most important nutrional elements in the flour), and allows all the nutritive elements of the grain to remain active (approximately 30% higher than traditional wholemeal flour).

So, it will never matter to us to import directly a flour that costs us five times more than others, if we can proudly assure you that you will eat the best Italian flour you can ever find: your health (and ours!) is priceless and much more important than our budgets! 

The Pizza

Nice to meet you...

The Flour


The presence of fibres in our flour is the first secret for better digestion, but also our experience makes a difference. Our flour, combined to our special recipe and ingredients, creates a light and easily digestible Pizza. We take meticulous care with the hydration of the dough, to the temperatures of ingredients during the kneading process and to the length of leavening, because they are crucial factors in the proper decomposition of starches and proteins. The resulting pizza is tasty, fragrant and truly light, with a very soft and high digestible gluten mesh. But also topping ingredients are important, so we use the best Italian tomatoes we can find, we daily use fresh Italian Mozzarella, and everyday we look for new genuine Italian products, not because “Italians do it better”, but because we want to give you a truly Italian Pizza experience, so… how could we do it without Italian products?

This is the reason why we also buy wood from Italy… yes! …the Wood! A special patented 100% sustainable beech obtained from the recovery of raw material from wood manufacture, chemically and bacteriologically certified for the cooking of food: We use this wood when we cook your pizza, because its high radian infra-red power gives constant heat and perfect embers, but also because it doesn’t contain any impurity, any bark, any additive and doesn’t spark during the cooking process, so you will never find any wood contamination on the top of your pizza or any impurity on the bottom, but just our best ingredients.

Nice to meet you...

Nice to meet you...

Nice to meet you...


Nice to meet you… we are Enrico and Mauro, two very close friends born in 1970’s. We are both from Milan and we met the first time when we were eighteen… actually flying from Milan to New York!

Our parents were friends, but we never met before 1989: that summer our families decided to spend their holidays together visiting USA.

During that holiday we became friends and once back in Milan, we started to spend a lot of time together: drinks, cocktails, dinners and also weekends. But it was when we started to spend our holidays together, that we got to know each other and became very close. We spent together crazy vacations both in winter and in summer, some time with our girlfriends and sometime without… and we can assure you that these second ones were the most amazing!

From 1990 to 2008 we met each other almost every evening, after dinner (so actually night!), because we were used to getting a drink together after studying in the most famous Milanese Cocktail Bar of that time: Good Fellas! …and the name was not coincidental!

Enrico became famous for his lack of imagination in choosing his cocktails: in almost 20 years he only and always drank a Gin Tonic every night… nothing else! Mauro was totally different: he was used to choosing between Negroni and Negroni Sbagliato… actually not so much different from his friend, but at least he could choose between two!

During a one week holiday in Madonna di Campiglio, one very famous Italian skiing mountain, Enrico was Mauro’s guest and was in charge of cooking the food, but his imagination with cooking was exactly the same he used in choosing cocktails: for three days he only cooked Pasta!

So Mauro decided to take care of food and prepared the first Gnocchi of his life: actually we don’t remember how good they were, but for sure how many they were! …you might not believe us, but please do it: that night we ate almost two pounds (2lb!) of Gnocchi each! As after dinner we tried to go dancing but we couldn’t move, the next night Mauro proposed a lighter menu: a typical saffron Rice Milanese style. The result was exactly the same: two pounds of raw rice, full bellies and no dancing! So, the last night we decided to go out for dinner and chose Pizza, in a Pizzeria in town with great beers and wines, and finally we could go dancing and enjoyed the night! After that holiday, we spent together a lot of the last thirsty (ops… thirty!) years, and now… here we are!

Enrico moved from Italy to Portland in 2008 with his wife and his lovely daughter. During these years he started Paciarino, the Italian restaurant specialized in fresh pasta (don’t ask why Pasta!!) right next door; he is still running it, so if you don't see him here, no worries, you’ll find him there.

Mauro decided to join Maine in 2018. He is born in the food and beverage business and till 2013 he has run with his family the most important gastronomy shop and restaurant in Milan. He is a certified sommelier and pizza cook, so when in September 2017 Enrico explained to him Pizzarino’s project, being single without wife and children, he could quite easily decide to move. He landed in Portland in January 2018, because… friendship doesn’t care about borders! ...and actually also cold!

Thank you for having read our story and thank you for coming to Pizzarino. Now… breathe our authentic Italian spirit, enjoy the experience of the unique and truly Italian Pizzeria in Portland and, if you are wondering the reason why Enrico opened a Pasta Restaurant and why here, in our Pizzarino menu, you find Pizza, Rice, Gnocchi, Beers, Wines and Cocktails… now you’ll know it!